Friday, June 2, 2017

the will power derived from desire

Want and desire can be mysterious. The difference between both ly within the will power each posseses. To simply things, I'd group them under the same category, the feeling of getting thing that is out of current reach. This thing can be obtained either immediately or through hardship. And it's different from things one needs. Because of this, uncontrolled want can be devastating. What is meant by controlled then?
To control is to be conscious about it. Will power is only being generated when there's a presence of want. Without this element, we do not move forward. Here's the thing, we need to be conscious about this fact and utilise it.
This is often the case: I have an iPhone 6s but I want an iPhone 7. Being conscious means that I'd work for it. Being uncontrolled can make life miserable. But, even after buying Iphone 7, I'll get uncontented, I want more. Maybe iPhone 8. Then I work harder, I get hungry. Of course if this is healthy I'll be moving forward all the time.
Now. Take a deeper thought on this. The adrenaline derived from the  desire of wanting an iPhone 7 is higher than actually owning one. Get it? The happiness level of planning a trip is much higher than going for a trip. See how our mind work? We do not need these things, to be exact, we do not need to own these things, we just need to dream about it. And that is the beauty of it.
Having snacks for birthday was fun, not until you want more, like having KFC, and then more, like throwing a party, and even more, making one extravaganza. We are constantly pushing ourselves to taste the boarder of our limits. Without being aware about this fact, the desire will drive us crazy. Nothing can content us. However, we can manipulate this feeling.
We always aim high, just to abstract the adrenaline and the will power, and turn that hard work into more fruitful things. Work hard, earn more, and instead of buying a new phone, save for new house down payment. Being practical about life, but not to forget to dream wild. Because all we want is the intangible feeling, not the tangible product.
Oh well, occasional vacation and luxury items can be good, if you can afford

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